About a year ago I started making mind maps using Mindjet’s MindManager software, and I have become totally addicted to it. I don’t make lists anymore, I make maps. It’s just easier for me to structure and understand information. Others are blogging about it too. It reminds me of the ideas of Edward Tufte and the graphical representation of information (check out his book BEAUTIFUL EVIDENCE). I think this idea of representing information graphically will continue to be more and more important as the number of information sources increases. I wish I could draw you a picture now, or show an interesting graph, but alas all I have are words and links. Give me a break. This is my second post.And I already have regrets about my first. I am sure I could have found a better example of lame-ass videos than Fareed’s Newsweek videos. He’s a smart guy, asking good questions. And he has such a nice smile.I am taking the day off on Friday and spending it with my kid. We’re gonna have some kind of city adventure (perhaps mommy poppins can help?) or we’ll just go fishing in central park.


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  1. Can I help? I’ve planned a custom itinerary for you and your child (of course it’s not that custom since I don’t know anything about you or your child, but how’s this sound?

    Start out by going to the Hummingbird Workshop at the Prospect Park Audubon Center followed by a pedal boat ride around the Prospect Park lake. Eat lunch at the Songbird Cafe and then head over to Harmony Playground for some fun in the water feature-loaded playground.

    If you really want to go fishing, Prospect Park lake has the largest concentration of large-mouth bass in the state.

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