The Number Seven

820953010_e0ed2cfba7_m.jpgYesterday, my son and I– along with two school friends and their parents– took the number seven train out to the NY Hall of Science in Queens. In our house we call it the Queens Museum, and it is our favorite city adventure. Getting their is at least half the fun as we always ride in the front car of the seven train and the kids (who are not used to trains that go outdoors) get to look out the front (and side) window.823011617_451394c5b5_m1.jpgIt was a bit much yesterday as all three of the kids wanted to be lifted to see out the front, but we persevered and arrived at 111th Street and the short walk to the museum. It’s a great museum with lots of hands on activities and a great outdoor science playground. My son loved showing the other kids where stuff was, we all did a nice little butterfly project, and got a small taste of the playground. We vowed that the next time we go, we’ll head right up to the science playground. The journey home is always the worst part, but it went fast and a good day was had by all…



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3 responses to “The Number Seven

  1. What an excellent story. My kids love the 7 too, but they live out here. We took the F to coney Island the other day and I think I looked out the window the most.

    We’ve got to try to get to that museum. I wish I was still a kid so I could discover these things for the first time with fresh eyes.

  2. bamstutz

    How was Coney Island? We’ve been to the aquarium (but we drove). I imagine the F takes hours to get there…

  3. Ash

    I’m 16 and I still love the elevated trains.

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