My Wife has Fallen in Love with Jeff Tweedy


And I am (mostly) happy about it.

What happened was that I found this bootleg recording of a benefit solo acoustic show that Tweedy did for his kids’ school in Chicago and was playing it in the bedroom one weekend morning. Tweedy talks a lot during the show; he’s charmingly insecure self-deprecating and funny, while maintaining his performer authority. He continually professes to being really nervous because his kids’ teachers are there, and at one point he sees his wife in the crowd and asks her what she’s doing. She replies that she’s with Anne. “Oh Great.” Tweedy sighs. “Anne’s my son’s teacher,” he says dejectedly, then whispers to himself, “keep-it-together… keep-it-together…”

My wife meanwhile is just melting. “What does he look like?” she asked me. Then she starts listening to the music. My wife’s a bit obsessive; and she’s loyal. So that combination means that she has listened to nothing but Jeff Tweedy and Wilco since that morning a month ago. She has grown particularly enamored by the song Jesus, ect. Now, I love that song too, and have about half a dozen recordings of it on my computer. I made the mistake of pointing that out to my wife and she has proceeded to play the song over and over (and over) again.

I am starting to hate Jeff Tweedy.

By the way, Wilco has a new album out and are currently on tour. I like the new album. It’s not a masterpiece (like YHF) but it has plenty of emotional bang and the guitar playing is somewhere between awesome and totally awesome. It’s well worth a listen…



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6 responses to “My Wife has Fallen in Love with Jeff Tweedy

  1. rico vanian

    you should have taken your wife to the Wilco show!

  2. mp3

    Hello, nice post. Bookmark it.

  3. DISPARATE Housewife

    I am in love with Jeff Tweedy, too, for many of the same reason your wife loves him.

    In November, I saw a Wilco at Vicar Street in Dublin, Ireland, and have been in a frenzy to feed my Wilco/Jeff Tweedy information addiction ever since.

    I know what you mean about starting to hate Mr. Tweedy. Sometimes I have to hide my Tweedy-related search history from my husband for that very reason. Often, I prefer to listen to Wilco in private (ie. on the i-Pod, or when the kids are at school and the husband’s at work.)

    It is odd and disconcerting. I’m trying to deconstruct my own late-blooming fanatacism. I even try to listen to other music I used to love, just to take the edge off, to no avail.

    Good luck on winning your wife back. 🙂

  4. bamstutz

    Hey Diaparate – Great Comment. Thanks! I hope my wife doesn’t have the same secret relationship with Jeff that you do. Does your husband know of your “trangression?”

  5. DISPARATE Housewife

    Oh, I act as though everything is normal. Put on the odd Wilco album when hubby IS around just to throw him off track. He sees only the tip of the iceburg that is my crazy love.

    But, I figure, no harm done. I keep it purely “aural” with Mr. Tweedy.

    Feels good to confess, though.

  6. Jessica

    This post was old, I know but — is she still in love with Jeff? How many women in this world are in love with this guy? (i’m one — how long will this last?) I get mad when my husband suggests watching the Sunken Treasure dvd with me — that’s my time with Jeff!!

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