My wife told me that I am happier when I am writing this blog.

Now I don’t necessarily think that happiness should be the goal of existence In fact I think it’s over rated, and happy people aren’t paying attention or aren’t that intelligent. But, I could use a little more happiness, and it being the new year and all, I am gonna give this thing another go.

This is the way my mind works. I want to write a blog post. I have an idea, some photos, and everything, but I prefer to procrastinate. I’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow turns into tomorrow turns into next week, and pretty soon I start thinking, well I can’t post now it has been too long. I’ll look stupid. Better not to. And W is right. I am happier when I act, not avoid.

Avoidance is my sabotaging my happiness.

Anyway, I’m back. Two or three posts a week. I’ll do the best I can to let you know what I’m up to.

I’ve seen two movies in this fall/winter where I immediately went to a bookstore (coincidentally the same BN at Union Square) and bought the original book. First was Into the Wild, for a re-read, and the second was yesterday when I bought The Diving Bell and the Butterfly after seeing that one.

Perhaps more to come on both. Perhaps something about my diet (which started today). Our upcoming trip to Y-town. My cool new bike. Job-hunting. Reading lists. Obama. My anger at my iPhone. Explaining to a five year old that his favorite music teacher died un-expectantly. . . I’ve got plenty to write about.


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