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World Gone Wrong

world gone wrong

Allow me now to comment on a movie two months late. I went in thinking I was gonna love it. I am a huge Bob Dylan fan. There was no doubt I’m Not There would end up in my DVD collection. But I wasn’t blown away. Disappointed even. It was fun, Cate Blanchett was awesome, the music was fuckin’ great, but it just felt disjointed. It felt devoid of any center. Like a child’s version of a Pollack painting, my son’s splattered dresser.

But, then afterwards, a few days later, something clicked. Now I think about I’m Not There all the time. And I think about Dylan in a whole new way. We all have a life, but we are different people throughout. And that’s okay. Dylan makes it ok. Dylan makes the changes in me seem minor. Always performing, he took it to an extreme, and created many worlds for himself. Who know’s what’s real (who cares). It all has value and purpose. Each of us lived and died. I am not the person I was ten years ago (ten minutes ago?).

I point you again to two radio interviews. Both of Todd Haynes, one from Terry Gross at Fresh Air (who’s ugly face lived at the top of this blog for too many months as I avoided writing) the other from Kurt Anderson on Studio 360. Both hit on what I’m talking about here, and what the film delivered. It’s okay to change. It’s okay to be a different person than who you were. In fact it’s what make life livable. So accept the you have changed and quit living in regret.

A note on the soundtrack: It’s great. The Ramblin’ Jack Elliot version of Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues is a masterpiece in understated distance; Tweedy acts like Dylan and changes a bunch of lyrics (and makes it work) on Simple Twist of Fate, and you’ve gotta hear this Antony & the Johnsons knockin, the aching drips like spilled honey.


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My Wife has Fallen in Love with Jeff Tweedy


And I am (mostly) happy about it.

What happened was that I found this bootleg recording of a benefit solo acoustic show that Tweedy did for his kids’ school in Chicago and was playing it in the bedroom one weekend morning. Tweedy talks a lot during the show; he’s charmingly insecure self-deprecating and funny, while maintaining his performer authority. He continually professes to being really nervous because his kids’ teachers are there, and at one point he sees his wife in the crowd and asks her what she’s doing. She replies that she’s with Anne. “Oh Great.” Tweedy sighs. “Anne’s my son’s teacher,” he says dejectedly, then whispers to himself, “keep-it-together… keep-it-together…”

My wife meanwhile is just melting. “What does he look like?” she asked me. Then she starts listening to the music. My wife’s a bit obsessive; and she’s loyal. So that combination means that she has listened to nothing but Jeff Tweedy and Wilco since that morning a month ago. She has grown particularly enamored by the song Jesus, ect. Now, I love that song too, and have about half a dozen recordings of it on my computer. I made the mistake of pointing that out to my wife and she has proceeded to play the song over and over (and over) again.

I am starting to hate Jeff Tweedy.

By the way, Wilco has a new album out and are currently on tour. I like the new album. It’s not a masterpiece (like YHF) but it has plenty of emotional bang and the guitar playing is somewhere between awesome and totally awesome. It’s well worth a listen…


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